Frequently Asked Questions
A destination wedding that prioritizes sustainability and reduces its environmental impact is known as an eco-friendly wedding. Additionally, it entails deliberately choosing ecologically friendly suppliers, locations, furnishings, and other elements.
By selecting a green wedding approach, you can minimize carbon footprint, support local suppliers, and contribute to environmental conservation efforts. It enables you to have focused celebration that streamlines with your values.
You can make sure your destination wedding is eco-friendly by minimizing waste, sustain vendors, and choosing eco-conscious transportation options.
Select the wedding venues with eco-certified venues like the resorts nestled amidst the trees or the eco-lodges with green certification. In addition, you can also opt for a destination known for its natural beauty.
Yes, some vendors specialize in eco-friendly weddings, if you are planning Wedding in mountains, then you can check De-exotica Resort one of the well-known resorts located in Shimla nestled among serene mountains.