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With its roots embedded in pure luxury and exoticness, our bar, restaurant and lounge is a place to unwind your spirit and relax in sheer opulence. At De

Exotica Crest we offer range of restaurant, bar and lounge. We have:-

• A 28 cover bar with all modern amenities and a spectacular orchard view.
• A 32 cover fine dining restaurant against a magnificent sun kissed backdrop.
• A 32 cover terrace lounge with cafe and bar on a lush green grass floor with a stunning open valley view.

You’ll find a fine blend of traditional and modern design against a tranquil setting. Located on the 2nd floor, our Indian specialty restaurant offers comfortable seating capacity and well-curated menu for guests. The restaurant is a delightful venue for all who want to enjoy ultimate comfort and great food.

Indulge in fresh aroma of exotic spices and delicious multi-cuisine dishes prepared by best chefs. Our bar stocks a large selection of fine wines, single malts, classic and contemporary cocktails. It is not only a place that offers ultimate sophistication but top-notch bar tending experience.