Frequently Asked Questions
Consider having your ceremony on a scenic overlook or amidst towering trees or hosting a reception in a rustic mountain lodge or alpine meadow.
Provide information on proper attire for varying weather conditions, offer transportation assistance for those not accustomed to mountain roads, and consider renting tents or heaters for outdoor events.
Use elements like pinecones, antlers, wildflowers, and wooden accents for centerpieces and decor. Incorporate natural textures and colors to enhance the mountain ambiance.
Yes, be prepared for unpredictable weather by having a backup plan or providing umbrellas for guests. Consider renting portable restrooms and arranging for insect repellent if necessary.
Work with your caterer to feature regional specialties such as trout, game meats, seasonal vegetables, and artisanal cheeses. Consider hosting a barbecue or picnic-style reception with mountain-inspired dishes.
Arrange group hikes, guided nature walks, or scenic gondola rides to allow guests to explore the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Offer options for adventure sports like zip-lining or horseback riding for more adventurous guests.